Software for Learning On the Job

AI-Powered Matching of Learning and Work.
Delivered as Voice, Chatbot, Mobile VR and more.

Introducing Aquinas Integrated Learning Delivery.

Imagine if your learners were able to receive key ideas right when they needed them, right on their phones? What if they could get a voice call that walked them through what questions to ask before a sales meeting. Or if they could get messaged in their Slack feed with a reminder about how to delegate? What if they could experience a virtual reality simulation of effective coaching, right before they had a review meeting?

Aquinas is built from the ground up to integrate learning into the daily flow of work, bringing the best learning to employees with the best media for the job.

"What we ultimately want to do is embed learning into the platform in which they work, so the systems can coach and train you to be better on the job."

- Josh Bersin, Bersin by Deloitte

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eLearning, in fact all corporate learning, has long suffered from a common issue: it is always presented to the learner when they don’t need it.

Aquinas addresses this by integrating our learning delivery with the software you’re using already. From CRM systems to project management, to plain old calendars, we connect training to performance, to ensure your training is not only reinforced, but is learned on the job.

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Maximize Training ROI For Every Course

You spend time, money and resources on training. Make sure that you have a system in place to lock in that learning and provide the return on your investment you need.

Only by applying tried and tested learning science in the Aquinas Learning Reinforcement platform can you be sure your teams develop the skills they need to perform the way you need them to.