How Much of Your Training Gets Forgotten?

Up to 90% of training is lost within a week.
Our reinforcement system ensures training is learned and applied.

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Finally, move beyond the forgetting curve.

For too long, powerful training ideas have been forgotten almost as soon as they were presented. 

Empower your employees with tools to ensure these ideas are learned and behavior is changed. Customizable options like post-training reminders, exercises, and analytics to see what's working for whom.

As a white-label platform, it fits a wide range of business needs including lifestyle coaching, departmental training, and company-wide learning & development.

Easy, powerful technology that trainers and learners love.

Easy to use, powerful system backed by science


Reach learners where they are, when they are best able to learn.


Leverage the latest findings to create programs that ensure learning & impact.


Create reinforcing messages that break through, drive engagement & change behavior.

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Concierge service, intuitive interface make design easy.


Engage over a scientifically designed schedule.


Personalize notifications, AquinasVR.


xAPI-enabled reporting, metrics for continuous learning.

Learning and Reinforcement are Changing

"Gone are the days of one-off training. Today's leading companies need continuous learning, reinforced at the individual level, to create the workforce they need to compete. Aquinas is dedicated to becoming the best in the world at personalized learning delivery to service these needs."
- Hugh Seaton, CEO | Aquinas Training