Today employees are just too busy.

Aquinas remembers to reinforce their learning, so they don't have to.

Only 1% of the Week for Training? 

Bersin by Deloitte estimates that employees have as little as 1% of their week for learning & development. The trouble is, that 1% could be anything. Aquinas learning reinforcement ensures that the key strategic ideas you've trained are learned, behaviors change, and training ROI is achieved.

Stop hoping that employees will go read that dusty binder or intranet content - start using active eLearning reinforcement from Aquinas to ensure you get the results the business requires.

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Scheduled to work.

Aquinas notifications are sent according to an intelligent schedule, so L & D can be sure employees have key ideas top of mind when they need them. These intelligent schedules are created with our pre-set templates, or your own design.

Spaced repetition, deliberate practice, fading worked examples and other patterns drive ensure real learning, in context.

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Reinforcing Learning With Practice

Memory is driven by associations created during actual work context.

For ideas to be salient during the workday, they need to have been recently reinforced.  By providing these simple reinforcements at scheduled times for weeks and months after a workshop, our system dramatically enhances the likelihood that employees will use these ideas when it counts.

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