Aquinas is powerful Learning Reinforcement

Beat the "Forgetting Curve"

Training is key to developing new skills & behaviors. Most of this training is still delivered in person or a webinar, and up to 90% of that is forgotten in a week.

The Aquinas Platform solves this issue through steady, intelligently scheduled reinforcement.

A series of mobile notifications sent to employees for 30-90 days after a workshop. 

Key ideas are reinforced, ensuring they are learned and your training gets the ROI you demand.

Simple, yet effective.

Anatomy of a Reinforcement

Your brand icon provides immediate recognition & breakthrough

Aquinas helps write headlines that break through and get noticed

Body Copy delivers your main message. It is available for up to a week after notification sent.

Call to action sends them to quizzes, videos or any URL of your choosing.

Reinforcements Connect to Content

Aquinas reinforcements are a great way to connect learners to content. Anything from deeper reading, to a video, a quiz, short 360 assessment, or any URL you choose.

Intelligent Scheduling

We provide advice & templates to help you reach your training goals. These can include simpler habit formation, information-rich negotiation or management courses, or regimented "work-out" style programs. 

Deliberate Practice

Durable change in behaviors comes from practicing these behaviors, and the best way to practice is through planning, doing, then reflecting on how the practice went. Our system is perfect for this approach, sending light reminders in the morning that bring a given idea to mind for the learner, then another light reminder in the evening to encourage reflection. 

Research has shown that spacing reinforcements is the key to learning. Reinforcements can be delivered in a specific sequence so that learners have time to process and integrate ideas. During this process, Aquinas can easily deliver short quizzes to assess how individual learners are doing, allowing personalization of learning around areas of strength & relative weakness.

Spaced Repetition

Longitudial Reinforcement

New behaviors take time to become automatic, we recommend three month engagements. For new “habits,” we recommend a steady flow of deliberate practice. For new frameworks & information, we recommend an intense burst in the beginning followed by spaced repetition to ensure understanding. Many engagements are a blend across the three months.

Next Generation Analytics

The Aquinas Learning Reinforcement platform is xAPI compliant, which means we connect with the best learning analytics programs to create true continuous learning analytics.